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IC Engine


Individual Participation

Maximum Participants 30
Venue: A-217

Price: ₹600
Date:1st & 2nd March

Coordinator: Virpara Harshrajsinh (9409014128)
Co-Coordinator: Nikesh Suthar (8866579764)

Slots Booked: 15/30

  • This workshop will cover deep understanding about engine parts and its working.
  • Participants can observe all the parts of engine by their own.
  • Participants will be familier with disassembling and assembling of engine.
  • It will cover the discussion about power, torque and speed so that participants can understand gear mechanism easily.
  • Participants can understand the working of clutch, flywheel and oil pump as well as its assembling-disassembling skill.
  • The gear shifting process will be explained and shown by expert faculty.
  • Participants will go through with kick starting mechanism.
  • Carburetor will be explained in detail with demonstration.
  • Electric power generation and spark plug circuit will be explained in detail.
  • Engine specification terminology will be explained.
  • Engine trouble-shooting will be discussed to connect the participants with the real problems.

Student Takeaway

Certificate of participation.