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Individual Participation

Maximum Participants 30
Venue: A-214

Price: ₹300
Date:5th March

Coordinator: Dhrumil Patel (8238220395)
Co-Coordinator: Keval Gohil (6351360781)

Slots Booked: 3/30


An Arduino is a controller board like a small computer that one can use to control things like various sensors, servo motors, stepper motors, Wireless devices, IOT and so many other useful things. Arduino can be innovatively used by students of all branches for engineering projects and other useful things.

Arduino workshop will focus on getting students up and running with Arduino quickly so that students can understand the basic procedures for working with Arduino and can explore further on their own.


  • Importance and Scope of Automation in engineering.
  • How is Arduino useful to an engineering student?
  • Benefits of using Open Source Platform.
  • How is it easy to learn and use Arduino?
  • Interfacing of various sensors and I/O devices.
  • Hands-on practice with various projects.
  • Live innovative project demonstrations and learning.

Student Takeaway

Reference materials, Arduino software, Certificate of participation.

Note: Students are required to bring their own laptop for a practice session and to understand the ease of working.