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Math Philosopher

Arrange The Block, To Reach The Goal


Individual Participation

Maximum Paticipants : 120
Venue: A 221 Corridor

1st Prize: ₹2000
2nd Prize: ₹1500

Coordinator: Meet Parikh (7043769440)
Co-Coordinator: Grishma Gajjar (7043769440)

  • Math Philɵsɵpher is an event all about numbers.  This event has 3 rounds.
  • The 1st round is of Bingo. The volunteer will ask the question to the participant. The number behind the answer of the question would be similar to one of the number on the board.
  • The 2nd round is Sudoku which is totally based on logical thinking and the person has to keep the in its proper place.
  • The 3rd round is about the general knowledge and mathematics questions.


Round 1: Bingo

  • In this round the question will be asked to participant. The answers will be lying on the table.
  • Behind this answer, there would be a specific number which would be same as one of the number on the board.
  • This number is to be fitted in the portion containing that number on the board.
  • If the participant is not able to give the answer of the single question, he will not be able to make full bingo.
  • Points will be provided according to the rows, column, diagonal and full bingo obtained.

Round 2: Sudoku

  • This round is all about solving Sudoku.
  • A participant has to solve the given Sudoku on the wooden table by placing the given number block in space provided on table.

Round 3: Crossword

  • This will be final round of the event.
  • In this round the question will be asked to the participant.
  • As the participant goes on answering the question, the crossword will show the alphabets of other answers which will help them to know the answer early.


  • No external help will be permitted.
  • Use of pen and paper is not permitted to give answer.
  • Faculty Coordinator’s decisions shall be final and binding.

Judging Criteria
  • The participant who will solve maximum number of correct questions will win the game.
  • In case of same number of questions are solved, minimum time taken by the participant will be considered.