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Math Encounter

Aim The Ball, Win The Battle


Min/Max Members : 2/2

Maximum groups : 90
Venue: ME HOD Cabin Corridor

1st Prize: ₹2000
2nd Prize: ₹1500

Coordinator: Karan Patel (9712267664)
Co-Coordinator: Sahil Patel (9725006613)

  • Math Encɵunter is an event based on aiming the bowl. This is a group event. This event has 3 rounds.
  • In the 1st round, the team will get question to solve only if the second participant of the team is able to catch the ball.
  • In the 2nd round, one of the participant of team will read the question and second participant will have to solve and raise the answer of the question.
  • In the 3rd round, both participant of team has to aim to throw a ball in the bowl. If the ball is retained in the bowl, they will be given the question to solve.


Round 1 (Catch The Ball)

  • In this round, one participant has to select one bowl from the three placed on the bench and has to catch the ball thrown by second participant using the bowl.
  • If the participant is successful in retaining the ball in bowl than he/she will be given the question to solve according to the bowl selected.

Round 2 (Ask, Solve and Show)

  • In this round, the question set is given to the one participant who is asked to read the question and after reading other participant will solve the question and will have to raise the correct answer from the answers lying around them.

Round 3 (Aim the Bowl)

  • Aim the bowl is the last round of the Math Encɵunter.
  • In this round, there will be bowl placed at one place.
  • Participant will have to throw the ball from the place located on the floor.
  • The type of question will be decided according to the distance from the bowl.

  • This is a group event.
  • No external help will be permitted.
  • Faculty Coordinator’s decisions shall be final and binding.

Judging Criteria
  • Coordinator’s decision shall be final and binding.
  • Qualification will be carried out based on the time taken by participants to complete the task.
  • In case of a tie, another question will be asked as a tiebreaker.