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Individual Participation

Maximum Paticipants : 50
Venue: GTU

1st Prize: ₹3000
2nd Prize: ₹2000



This event will give a clear idea of what the project/product will be, usually expressed in statements of work, Proof of concept, Prototypes, functional product specs, or their equivalents. Based on this clear idea, quality management can objectively determine if the product was "realized" and how efficient the process was.


Round 1: TechInsights
Participants will submit the technical insights of the idea with reference to the patents/research papers published. 5 min presentation on this and it should be a tech pitch focused mainly on technological aspects of the idea/innovation.

Round 2: TechBiz
This is a business model canvas competition. Those participants who have cleared round 1 have to prepare business model and best model with maximum clarity will be selected for next round.

Round 3: 5 Min Pitch
Finalised students will get an opportunity to pitch their proposals and best 5 teams will be selected for central techfest. top 3 teams will win the prize money as well.


The product must be unique and should have a scalable market.

Repetition of the product or idea should not be entertained.

One team/participant can present more than one products.

Best products will be rewarded by financial assistanc

Judging Criteria

Decision made by the event head will be final and acceptable in any cases.

The Products will be judged based on novelty, frugality, ease of Deployment and impact to the society.