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Buckle up, as an exceptional adventure is on your way


Min/Max Members : 2/2

Maximum groups : 80
Venue: C-303 A,B

1st Prize: ₹2000
2nd Prize: ₹1500

Coordinator: Darshana Sanandiya (9033324453)
Co-Coordinator: Hozefa Tinwala(9033324453)


An Epic Individual battle to show you are a True Techie. A great technical Hurdles and Craziness to an overpass. Include various Technical Phases like - Save your partner, Diffusing the Bomb, Solving various analytical problems.In this event you have to use your mind and have to perform tasks keeping the Time is mind because Time is everything. There will be hurdles which you have to overcome and have to compete against other to become The Team.


ROUND 1                                                                                                  

  • In this round, one team member has to pass the iron rod through a net (conducting material) and remove the keys from behind the iron net without touching it. The other team member will be wearing a ring provided by us and will get a minor electric shock every time the rod touches the net. After removing the keys from the net the player will have to unlock his/her partner.

ROUND 2                                                                                                   

  • This round will be the laser maze round in which the team members will have to get to the other end of the room without touching the laser and if they touch the laser then 10 seconds will be added to their time and also buzzer will start beeping. Both the team members have to cross the maze but one of them will be blindfolded and has to be guided by the partner.


  • With the highest level of difficulty, the third round is all about solving the given puzzle Based on the answer the participants have to connect the hanging wire in the air and the bulb will light up. The team that takes the least amount of time will be declared as the winner.

  • The participants shall not be allowed to use mobile or other electronic equipment.
  • Replacement of any participant of a team is not allowed after registration.
  • Teams selected for the final round needs to be present on 2nd day of event.

Judging Criteria
  • Judging will be based on the performance in the event.
  • All decisions taken by the organizing team will be deemed as final, and no more changes will be encouraged, thus holding the full authority to change any of the above rules as per circumstances.
  • The time will also be a major factor in case the tie occurs in the point system.

Prize and Certificate Details
1.1st Winner (Prize Money + Certificate)
2.2nd Winner (Prize Money + Certificate)
3.3rd Winner (Certificate)