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Be the best or take rest.


Min/Max Members : 2/4

Maximum groups : 80
Venue: B 207, B 206

1st Prize: ₹2000
2nd Prize: ₹1500

Coordinator: Raj Kaneriya (9408612983)
Co-Coordinator: Dhruvil Devani (9016873489)


Participants have to plan a signal network using a developed android app. According to given specified area they have to plan a signal network.


Round 1: (Qualifying Round)

  • Every participant have to design a signal network using an android app.
  • The app will include different area and intersections.

  • Participant have to solve the traffic problem according to their knowledge.

  • Team will be qualified according to smooth traffic flow and used time.

Round 2

  • Selected participants from Round 1 get chance to modify the plan with technical criteria and little traffic congestion.
  • Real intersections of Ahmedabad city will be given for the modification and signal design to reduce traffic problems.

  • Participant will also get bonus points for beneficial ideas and identification of the given map.

  • Participant will also be given points according to their presentation.

Round 3

  • Selected Participants from round 2 need to solve a given traffic problem from the map given to them in round 2 in specific time.

  • The traffic problem will be given by the judge e.g. Metro rail work at a road.

  • Participant need to generate possible multiple solutions for the problems like diversion, intersections etc.

  • All the materials will be provided by organization no outside materials are allowed in event.
  • One has to complete task in given time.

  • Judges decision shall be final and binding above all.

Team Specification

  • Team should be consisting of maximum 4 players and minimum 2 players.

  • Students from different institutes can form a team for the event.

  • Student should carry the valid college identity cards of their respective institute at the time of reporting.

  • Switching of team members during the on-going event will not be allowed. Use of any kind of help from Google is strictly prohibited..

Judging Criteria
  • Judging will be done on skill of Transportation planning and creativity of solution.  
  • Model should satisfy criteria of IRC for planning and designing of road network.

  • Maximum accessibility and minimum congestion is expected in the model.

  • Material use, wastage and aesthetic view will be consider at the time of judgment.

  • Modification should be as cheaper as possible in terms of budget.


1) Any one Industry Expert with minimum 10 years of experience in the relevant discipline


1) Any one Academic Expert with minimum 10 years of experience in relevant discipline

2) Any one faculty from any other GTU affiliated college in the same zone


2) Any one faculty from the Host Institute

Prize and Certificate Details
1.1st Winner (Prize Money + Certificate)
2.2nd Winner (Prize Money + Certificate)
3.3rd Winner (Certificate)