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Min/Max Members : 1/2

Maximum groups : 30
Venue: C 202A, C 202B, C 206

1st Prize: ₹2000
2nd Prize: ₹1500

Coordinator: Jay Chauhan (9537482856)
Co-Coordinator: Yesha Patel (8460675422)


The Web Design Contest is about empowering the creative, technically proficient. This event is based on Web-Development (Frontend + Backend). This is a group event in which each team consist of 2 participants. Teams will have to design web pages of website using front end technologies like HTML and CSS. Theme will be provided on the spot and the teams will have to create a website on the given theme. And then, they will have to create proper database of given theme on MySQL server using phpMyAdmin. For example, a website theme for gift shop, restaurant, discotheque, college and school etc.


Round 1: (Day 1, 2 hours, 30 teams) 

Batches: 2 (Each of 15 Teams)

Batch Registration + Explanation Time: 10 mins

Batch Coding Time: 60 minutes

Teams will have to write a code for the home page in HTML, CSS. There will be no internet connectivity during first round. No extra time will be provided.

Round 2: (Day 1, 2 hours, 14 teams)

Batch: 2 (Each of 7 Teams)

Batch Registration + Explanation Time: 10 mins

Batch Coding Time: 60 minutes                               

Teams have to design database regarding the web pages created in round 1 using phpMyAdmin.

Round 3: (Day 2, 2 hours, 6 teams)

            Batch: 1

Batch Registration + Explanation Time: 10 mins

Batch Coding Time: 90 minutes

Teams have to establish the connectivity between web pages created and database using PHP.


  • Maximum 30 teams are allowed.

  • A team must consist of two participants.

  • Students must carry the valid college identity card of their respective institute at the time of reporting.

  • Students from different institutes can form a team for the event.
  • The batch formation for the determined slots will be based on first come first serve basis.

  • The violation of the event’s code and conduct in any manner will result into straight disqualification

  • Teams will qualify for next round if they successfully clear the previous round within a given criteria.

  • Web pages should be innovatively designed and user friendly.

  • Designing of frontend and backend should be completed in given time.

Judging Criteria

Judging will be based on the creativeness, originality, usefulness productivity and visionary of web pages and database.

  • Round 1 - Upon the quality of output produced.

  • Round 2 - Upon the quality of output produced.

  • Round 3 - Upon the quality of output produced and the connectivity of the database.

The committee’s decision will be final and applicable on all the teams.

Prize and Certificate Details
1.1st Winner (Prize Money + Certificate)
2.2nd Winner (Prize Money + Certificate)
3.3rd Winner (Certificate)