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Mystery Awaits You...!


Min/Max Members : 2/2

Maximum groups : 75
Venue: D-209A, D-209B

1st Prize: ₹2000
2nd Prize: ₹1500

Coordinator: Rutul Ganatra (7990857274)
Co-Coordinator: Gandhi Tathya (7041904742)


It is a team event. The event will be a computer-based detective event. In this event, participants will be provided with some clues to find the hidden treasure or to recognize the criminal. To complete the given task, a specific time limit will be given.


Round 1:

  • Every participant of the team has to answer set of questions (Riddles, Puzzles, Brain Teaser, Image puzzles).

Round 2:

  • Have you ever seen "The Social Network" Movie? In this round, a technical question is given and for distraction puzzles(pop up boxes) given to one partner and he/she has 5 minutes to think the answer and then same will be done by another partner. If he/she understands it then he/she needs to write the answer and then pass the computer to another participant.

Round 3:

  • 10 pairs will go for the 3rd round. Participants will be provided a clue that they will lead to other location and there they have to collect their clue and come back to the given location.

  • Participants will not be able to use the Internet.
  • Participants should be present 10 Min before the event starts.
  • Smart devices are not allowed during the event.

Judging Criteria
  • In case of more than specified number solved successfully, time of submission will be taken into consideration.
  • In case of a tie of time, a tiebreaker round can be organized.

Prize and Certificate Details
1.1st Winner (Prize Money + Certificate)
2.2nd Winner (Prize Money + Certificate)
3.3rd Winner (Certificate)